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15th & East Capitol

15th & East Capitol

15th & East Capitol is a candid, canny and sexy glimpse into the complexities of a black woman on a mission to conquer stereotypes, obstacles… the world. “My goal? To take you on journey with my flow.”

“15th & East Capitol is like having an honest girlfriend on call to offer you clever banter, juicy stories, and inspiration with the flip of a page.” – Brenda’s Child, Author of The Right Amount of Sunshine

Alison "Miss Sixx" McMeansUnabashedly, Miss Sixx is staking her claim in the literary world with her first collection, prompting laugh out loud laughter, snaps, hmmm’s and Amen’s from the first page to the last. “These words transform to speaking of healing. No longer prone to the syndrome of modern day, post-traumatic stressing over this thing called Life. I speak with a passion that doesn’t just reside between thighs”

Author: Alison “Miss Sixx” McMeans Click here to purchase on Lulu. For more information about upcoming performances or to book her for your event, visit www.misssixx.info


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