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Green Tea : Tea, Pills or Powder?


Green tea has been around for quite some time now… for, say, a couple of thousand years in mankind’s history? It’s the Japanese nowadays who are particularly keen on enjoying their green tea: their entire green tea market is barely enough to supply the massive local demand. There’s no denying the fact that green tea is healthy. From lowering cholesterol ...

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BodyRoc NY

Hartford’s own Rashaun Chambers is Founder and CEO of BodyRoc NY. BODYROC is much more than just a training facility.The brand represents a lifestyle. Think, progress, and execute like an athlete. The athletes experience takes both mental and physical preparation, and we pride ourselves on building our athletes to excel in both capacities. We inspire our athletes to gain a ...

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Livewell Pilates

Live Well Pilates studio is fortunate to be located in a beautiful historic building, formerly the Avon Library. The grand interior architecture allows natural light to flow into the studio. Since the Pilates method is a mind body movement system, the ability to concentrate while finding energy in every movement is essential. The Live Well Pilates studio is equipped with ...

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