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Clouds in my Customer Service

Clouds in my Customer Service

Recently, my husband and I went to a Wells Fargo in Georgia to open joint accounts. It was a beautiful, bright, hot as fish grease, sun shiny day outside, but in the bank…man! It was so cloudy that I can’t even think of a clever euphemism or comparison to illustrate to you just how cloudy it was.

This is just the banking experience of a Colored Woman Who Considered Poppin’ Her Banker in the Left Nostril When Her Resting B!tch Face Wasn’t Enuf so, you can keep reading or you can stop. As they used to say back in the day “it don’t make me no nevamind.”

Now, I do understand that we all have our “moments” and our “bad days” howinsoever, if you work in customer service (especially for a company like Wells Fargo that prides itself on its fabulous customer service) then you need to check all of that at the door. Better yet, you should probably leave it at home on the porch or better yet, or you should let it all wash down the drain during your morning shower.

Our banker was as sarcastic and cloudy as they come. I suppose she was attempting to make small talk with my husband and I, however, all she did was make us uncomfortable and rain on our newlywed parade. She had a sarcastic and negative response for just about everything we told her and she was incredibly nonchalant. For instance, she had the AUDACITY to imply (in a nutshell) that basically, our happiness wouldn’t last for long because we would pretty much be sick of each other soon.

I mean she had something negative to say to counteract EVERYTHING we said. C’MON SON! Bye Felicia! Poof, be gone! This banker threw so much shade that we could not wait to get back out into the Georgia heat. She was such a negative Nancy that we had an additional check to deposit , but we decided we would rather end our encounter with her as soon as possible and go stand in the regular line for a bank teller. It was an awful experience.

To make matters worse, they have a “great customer service” survey that they so conveniently have on the same paper as the “you received all the information about your account” paper, which is a little tricky. They should really have those on two separate papers because, we received all of the information however, the customer service we received was “shotty” at best. We did end up speaking to the branch manager who apologized for our experience and said she would provide the banker with some “additional training” (whatever THAT means).

Look, I have been in the customer service field in some degree since I was a teenager so, I know how it is. I also know what good customer service looks and feels like. If you are going to work in customer service (especially for Wells Fargo) you have absolutely got to give 100%. Leave all of your baggage at home and give the type of service you would like to receive especially, where it involve me and mine because, we WILL complain. Sure will.

Love & Light.

L. NuNuu Sekou
Instagram/Twitter/Google+: @LNuNuu

About L. NuNuu

L. Nunuu is poet, writer, actress, host and spoken word artist who has has performed at local venues such as the Bushnell and out-of-state at Organix Soul in Springfield, MA and The Nuyorican Poets Café in New York City.

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