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Don’t be a Bully

Who knew that as an adult I would have to deal with being bullied. Wait, let me back track a smidgen.

I am currently taking a few HUGE, beautiful leaps in my life. One of which is marriage and the other is starting a life in a new strange land, Georgia. Now, as you know, these things cost a guap (for some reason I felt like being a bit hood right there with the term “guap”). So, I decided to ask for assistance from the wonderful people of the innanets via a popular crowd funding website, GoFundMe.com.

Now, this took a lot on my part because, as the people closest to me know, I am not one to ask for assistance. I am a very resourceful woman who will make due when I need to. However, I figured it was worth a shot. So many people are seeking and receiving the assistance they need through crowd funding websites. Whether it’s to pay a veterinarian bill or to pay for their honeymoon. Heck, some guy raised more than most folks make in a year via crowd funding to make POTATO SALAD! My goal? To get assistance to start pursuing my dreams. What’s the worst that could happen? Either people would donate or they wouldn’t.

So, I set up my GoFundMe account, (www.gofundme.com/nuworld), cast my dreams upon the eyes of the innanets having faith that people would believe and me and my dreams enough to help. I was optimistic…and still am optimistic, kind of. Then along comes this guy, Michael E. Martin (I put his full name out there because, he clearly wants it to be known), placing negative comments on my GoFundMe wall. Now, he used to work at one of the schools I worked at for the 2012-2013 school year. He was/is the type of person that I did my best to stay far away from. I hadn’t even thought about him in any way, shape or form since his departure from the school district. I even blocked him on social media in 2012.

However, somehow (I’m actually fairly sure how he discovered I am seeking to raise funds) he located me and started posting negative comments, harassing me, bullying me with comments such as: “LOLOLOL — LEACH !!!!!!!” (Posted 11:50am on July 23rd) “Lolololololol– god forbid you work for you’re own life…” (Posted 10:48am on June 27th) *I won’t mention the misspelling there.* “Let’s all ask the world to support what we haven’t worked for ourselves.” (Posted 4:22pm on June 27th)

Now, I didn’t ask him directly for anything. I did not send a message to his inbox requesting his assistance in any way, shape or form. He found me. I have worked in education for years and know the effects bullying and harassment. People have lost their jobs because of it. People have gone into deep depression because of it. People have taken their own lives because of it. Now, I am a strong, educated woman so, you don’t have to worry about me harming myself in any way. However, I am a bit hurt and ticked off. Why, as adults, should we even have to deal with such a thing as bullying? Why are people so hateful? Are people’s lives so crappy that they have to be the bane of someone else’s existence?

Come on, if your life is awful keep your misery to yourself. Don’t go hunting down folks to bring down with you. My life is great. My life is beautiful. I was/am just requesting assistance. Something that many people are afraid to do. Something that many people have too much pride to do. You don’t know everyone’s story as not everyone knows your story. We must be mindful. We must be understanding. We must be caring people. I once saw this quote… “Never look down on someone unless you’re helping them up.” Why bully someone…why harass someone when you can help them?

I don’t know. I suppose there are just folks out there that would rather hurt/harm than help. It’s very sad. Now that I have shared this experience, I feel a bit better. I pray that it helps someone. Adults get bullied too.

To Michael E. Martin…
Dear Michael E. Martin,
You can bully me but, you can’t break me. You efforts are futile. I was built HARTFORD TOUGH. Albany Avenue was my playground and the West Indian Club was my back yard.


Love & Light.
L. NuNuu
Instagram/Twitter/Google+: @LNuNuu


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