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Fellas, Don’t be Scurred

Quicky Alert! There’s this funny thing that happens when you ask a man to do something like, go into your purse. Their eyes get all big, they get all nervous and some even act like you just asked them to go to the store and record an Instagram video while purchasing feminine products for you. I won’t even get into the whole feminine product purchasing nonsense…or perhaps I will. We’ll see how I feel by the end of this commentary.

Now, this is just the opinion of a Colored Woman Who Considered Rolling Her Eyes When the Side-Eye Wasn’t Enuff so, you can keep reading or you can stop. Whichever floats your boat is completely okay with me, howinsoever this MUST be said.

Fellas, stop being so scurred! Yes, I said “S-C-U-R-R-E-D”. If a woman asks you to go into her purse for whatever reason, just do it. Y’all would rather walk across town to retrieve the purse and bring it to the owner than to simply retrieve the requested item. Guess what…now you’ll probably have to walk all the way back across town to put the purse back where you got it from. Save yourself some time and some frustration and just get the item.

Oh my, then we have the men who are afraid to even hold a purse, because….they’re afraid someone will think it’s theirs, I suppose. Newsflash gentlemen, if you are waiting outside of a women’s dressing room holding a purse, the probability of someone mistaking the purse for yours is slim to none. Now, if you have on matching shoes and accessories, then well, the chances aren’t so slim. Stop being so…what’s the word I’m looking for? Just STOP! It’s not that serious. No one is going to question your masculinity because you are holding someone’s purse for a few minutes.

Ah yes, the feminine product purchase…I shall touch upon that very briefly. Just do it. Don’t be scurred. Everyone knows it’s not for you and they will probably think you’re more masculine for not being afraid to purchase them for whatever woman sent you out. Truth be told, you’re probably ecstatic that they’re even necessary. Ha! Yeah, I said it! You know it’s true.


Love & Light.
L. NuNuu Sekou

Instagram/Twitter/Google+: @LNuNuu

About L. NuNuu

L. Nunuu is poet, writer, actress, host and spoken word artist who has has performed at local venues such as the Bushnell and out-of-state at Organix Soul in Springfield, MA and The Nuyorican Poets Café in New York City.

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