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411 May 2nd 2016

The HtdConnect 411- What you need to know 5/2/2016

6. Can’t Make Bond?

Disadvantaged businesses who work in construction are eligible for a free nine-week workshop that will connect them with bonding companies so they can bid on the many transportation projects coming to the state. Many means about $1 billion over the next five years. For more information, email andrea.comer@cbia.com. Program starts in May.

7. Paint A Perfect Picture

Hartford insurance company The Hartford highlighted the skills of West Middle School students by putting their artwork on street poles on Farmington Avenue. Forty students submitted artwork for the “Color Your Community” contest, and 16 winners were selected. So next time you’re on Farmington by Cogswell Street, look up!

8. When Life Hands You Lemons

Beyoncé says drop a video album. And drive people crazy. And break the Internet. Through words and music, Lemonade explored infidelity, desperation and redemption. The video album also used a lot of powerful words that actually belonged to Warsan Shire, a Somali poet. Not to stir the beehive. Just sayin’.

9. This Ivy’s Not Blue

Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna, a senior at Elmont Memorial High School, got accepted this year to every Ivy League school she applied for. Think Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth, Princeton and others. Lest we forget: Last year, another Black Elmont student also got accepted to all the Ivys. Give us some of that.

10. ICYMI:

Hartford apparently was not feeling the Bern on Primary Day. Only one-third of Hartford residents who came out to vote supported Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary. Which mean the Hillz have eyes. And ears. And votes. Disagree? Then get yourself to the Registrars Office, register, and show up for the next election.


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