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Learning Lipstick

‘…putas llevan ropa de color rojo. . putas pintan sus labios rojos. Llevan zapatos rojos y ropa interior roja…’ The first things I ever learned from my mother and grandmother as a child had to do with comportment. How to sit so that no one could see under my skirt. How to be demure. Quiet. Almost blending in with whatever ...

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Hem & Haw

Real quick…I realize something. Adult humans, in general, are afraid to give their all. We hem and haw over damn near every single decision. It’s almost as if we are programmed to second guess ourselves and our ever decision. Often times we end up doubting ourselves right out of success, fortune and true life in general. We certainly second guess ...

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Wait, am I being Punkd?

I whispered those very words sotto voice, even as my fingers flew across the keyboard to hit ‘Post.’ I had just happened up on Darlene Cunha’s op-ed entitled ‘This is what happened when I drove my Mercedes to pick up food stamps’ and the very title alone caused this frisson of incredulousness…she is doing what? In…what? Excuse HER?! Mrs. Cunha ...

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Art to Art

Alright. I think it’s about time we have an “art –to-art”. Artists are dreamers. It’s what we do. We envision something. We let it marinate for a moment and then we make it happen by any means necessary. More often than not, artists need some assistance along the path to making our dreams a reality. Especially, if the dream is ...

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Time’s A Wastin’

Seriously, what are you waiting on? Who are you waiting for? What is keeping you from “going for it”? Is it a lack of time within the 24 hour day? Is it a lack of energy? Is it a lack of money? Is it fear? Or perhaps you don’t have a car? Oh, I know…you don’t have a degree. No, ...

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Upper-Poor & Abundant

You know, we are often caught up in the whirlwind of wanting everything we see everyone with. We just have to have what society tells us we have to have. We want the big house, the nice car and the overflowing bank account. We want trips to Italy, big diamonds and tons of “friends” (admirers/followers/etc.). Unfortunately, most of us have ...

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