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The HtdConnect 411- What you need to know 4/15/2016

This week, Hartford Connect introduces the 411, news and information of interest about Hartford and beyond. Every Friday, we’ll share 10 items you need to know – and things you may have missed. Have a suggestion? Email us a tip at info@hartfordconnect.com

1. It’s Getting Hot in Here

The Urban League of Greater Hartford Young Professionals, with UConn, Many Mentors and some other cool peeps are hosting a STEAM Career Expo on April 23 at Parker Memorial, 2621 Main Street. What’s STEAM? Stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. And it’s a pretty big deal in terms of getting a job.

2. Ballin’ and Drillin’

hartford proud
The Hartford Yard Goats first game in the Hartbeat will be held on May 31st. Ticket sales will support Hartford Proud Drum & Drill, the pretty awesome drill team started by Terry & Duffy Starks. Hartford has a rep, and it’s a good one, in part thanks to Hartford Proud.

3. Whoopsie!

You may have heard there’s a presidential election underway. Five candidates, and a hot mess. People are focusing on NY right now, as a primary will be held there on April 19th. But two people who will not vote are Donald Trump’s two kids. Because they apparently forgot to register. Guess who’s getting a HUUUGE Father’s Day present? Every. Vote. Counts.

4. That’s a Lotta Gwap

Money background
The City of Hartford is facing a budget deficit, more than $46 million. Why should you care? If you work for the city, you probably already know. If you don’t, it still matters. Services like library services, trash pickup and schools will probably be impacted. Why is it happening? A few reasons, including the state budget deficit, which is much, much bigger.

5. Got Kicks?

Hartford Police Officer Jim Barrett is teaming up with a few nonprofits to provide shoes for the homeless. When you’re not sure where you will rest your head each night, the last thing you should have to worry about is keeping your feet covered. For every $25 donated, a new pair of shoes will be provided to the homeless. So get to steppin’.

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