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The HtdConnect 411- What you need to know 4/15/2016

6. Shop Til You Pop

Associated Supermarkets, the only Black-owned grocery store in North Hartford, will have a grand opening on Saturday, April 16th. The Barbour Street food haven also sells hot food, and serves a need in the Northeast neighborhood. Swing through at noon, and holler at Lou and Sky.

7. Like Peanut Butter and Jelly – But better. Way better.

BK Chicken & Waffles
BK Chicken & Waffles will open their doors later this month. Local business owner Kenneth Thompson has relocated his Westland Street eatery to Main Street across from Capital Community College, to feed the sweet and salty cravings of residents everywhere. What’s better than chicken and waffles? Red velvet waffles. And fish. We understand if you stopped reading because you’re hungry.

8. Yes, You Can Turn Up and Do Good

La Mirage
La Mirage, or LaLa’s to its friends, is collecting clothes and shoes for the homeless. You can drop items off at the spot, 978 Albany Avenue. And thank April for being awesome.

9. No, Thank You

no thank you
A bill introduced by the Mayor that would have created an oversight panel to fix the city’s finances by among other things remixing union contracts went to the Capitol. And died. Why? Apparently the Mayor was the only elected official who liked it. Looks like someone may be reviewing their Facebook friends list. Delete.

10. ICYMI:

Former football player Ray Lewis went ham on the Black Lives Matter movement following the shooting death of former Saints player Will Smith at the hands of another African American male. Lewis, who played for the Ravens, says talking about BLM and not talking about Black on Black crime is like talking about Donald Trump and not talking about crazy. Buckle up, this debate will take a while.


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