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We Will Teach Our Beautiful Brown Children

We Will Teach Our Beautiful Brown Children…

We will teach our beautiful brown children their ABC’s…their 1,2,3’s…how to tie their shoes…that art can be an outlet…to love themselves…that a DJ can save their life from a broken heart…to grow their own produce…that The Creator is everywhere and everything…

We will also teach our beautiful brown children that they can do anything they put their mind to and that they are capable of achieving all of their goals. We will also teach them that the minority that controls this American society may see them as a threat for doing so and they should therefore take the time to observe how this minority in authority operates and have an understanding of not only what “makes them tick” but also what “ticks them off”.

We will teach our beautiful brown children to believe in and value themselves because they are beyond priceless and should treat themselves as such. We will teach our children from a very young age that their lives and the lives of our people have value…infinite value and they should proceed through life as such. We will also teach that that the minority that has the majority of the power over the majority does not and may never value them, but to never let that lead them to devalue themselves.

We will teach our beautiful brown children that they should always stand up for themselves in a respectful and mature manner so that they will be not only heard but also understood. We will also teach them that if they are ever in a situation with the “minority in authority”, standing will more-than-likely not be an option and when demanded to do so, they should stand down, get down and stay down. Do not move. Say nothing. Anything they say can and may be used as a reason to end their life. We will teach our children that we’d rather receive a collect call from jail for bail than to receive a courtesy call from the morgue for body identification.

We will teach our beautiful brown children self-awareness for we want them explore who they are and gain an ever evolving understanding of themselves and their magnificence. We will also teach them to be ever aware of their surroundings…the people…the places…the things for a peaceful stroll down the street with friends can turn into a battlefield in the blink of an eye. That they need to keep their eyes open and stay as alert as possible if they ever encounter a dangerous and potentially life-threatening situation.

There are so many lessons my husband and I will teach our beautiful brown children and the aforementioned are just a few. It is so unfortunate that we must teach our children (from bright yellow to deep dark brown) not only how to live life to the fullest, but also how to survive in this society in which the minority in authority appears to attach very little (if any) value to their lives…to our lives. We live in a society where any member of the minority in authority who feels threatened in any way, shape or form can kill or beat our children, our mothers, our brothers and sisters with very minor or no consequences whatsoever.

On the other side of this dingy over-circulated coin, we also live in a society where there is a minority within the majority that does not value the life of our own people. There are untelevised incidents of brown-on-brown crime every single day. Why are we constantly killing each other while simultaneously watching them kill us? It’s madness. It’s pure insanity. It’s as if we are being purged not only by the minority in authority, but also by each other. And we’re destroying our own neighborhoods in protest??? What kind of sense does that make? It’s like chopping off your foot to show your neighbor just how ugly, dry and ashy you think their toes are. It’s asinine. All of this has to stop. None of this is acceptable and it will NEVER be acceptable. Ever.

Love & Light,
L. NuNuu Sekou
Instagram/Twitter: @LNuNuu
Facebook: /LNuNuu


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